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Just van Rossum  committed 574659e

Fixed problem caused by moving NibClassBuilder outside of AppKit: AppKit
was always there, so super classes from AppKit would always be found.
Fixed by importing AppKit. Also import Foundation instead of showing off
by doing objc.lookupClass().

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File pyobjc/Lib/PyObjCTools/NibClassBuilder.py

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 __all__ = ["AutoBaseClass", "NibInfo", "extractClasses"]
-NSDictionary = objc.lookUpClass("NSDictionary")
-NSObject = objc.lookUpClass("NSObject")
-NSBundle = objc.lookUpClass("NSBundle")
+from Foundation import NSDictionary, NSObject, NSBundle
+import AppKit  # not used directly, but we look up classes from AppKit
+               # dynamically, so it has to be loaded.
 class NibLoaderError(Exception): pass