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Add a objc.__version__ variable

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+2002-10-09 Ronald Oussoren <>
+	* Move Cocoa.AppKit and Cocoa.Foundation packages to AppKit
+	  and Foundation
 2002-09-28 Ronald Oussoren <>
 	* objc-class.m: Actually implement the selector->python cache,
 	  this significantly speeds up method dispatch (iClass is now


 new-style pyobjc
 from _objc import *
+from _objc import __version__
 # Backward compat stuff, Python 2.2.0 doesn't have 'True' and 'False'


 				PyString_FromStringAndSize(&cur->value, 1));
+	PyDict_SetItemString(d, "__version__", 
+		PyString_FromString(PYOBJC_VERSION));


 #include "OC_PythonObject.h"
 #include "super-call.h"
+#define PYOBJC_VERSION "0.7.0"
 #ifdef MACOSX
 /* On MacOS X, +signatureWithObjCTypes: is a method of NSMethodSignature,
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