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Ronald Oussoren  committed 9307cf3

- Add a function to find the NSBundle for a Python based plugin
- Use this in the PrefPane example, and use AutoBaseClass

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File pyobjc/Doc/api-notes-macosx.txt

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 .. :author: Ronald Oussoren
+.. Contents::
 accessed although without access to constants and global functions defined
 by those frameworks.
 Addressbook framework
 using the python function ``apply``. The ``performv::`` method is also not
 supported, with a simular work-around.
+Class NSBundle
+* ``bundleForClass:``
+  This method does not work correctly for classes defined in Python, these
+  all seem be defined in the ``mainBundle()``. As a workaround you can use
+  the function ``objc.pluginBundle(name)`` to find the NSBundle for your
+  Python based bundle. See Examples/PrefPane for an example of its usage.
 Class NSDictionary

File pyobjc/Examples/PrefPane/main.py

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 print "loading python prefpane"
 from AppKit import *
+from Foundation import NSBundle
 from PreferencePanes import *
 import objc
+from PyObjCTools import NibClassBuilder
-class SimplePreferencePane (NSPreferencePane):
-    value1Field = objc.IBOutlet('value1Field')
-    value2Field = objc.IBOutlet('value2Field')
-    resultField = objc.IBOutlet('resultField')
-    button = objc.IBOutlet('button')
+# NibClassBuilder needs to read our Nib files to do its work,
+# we need to specify the optional second argument to extractClasses
+# because we're not in the main bundle.
+    objc.pluginBundle("SimplePreferencePane"))
+class SimplePreferencePane (NibClassBuilder.AutoBaseClass):
     def doIt_(self, sender):
         v1 = self.value1Field.floatValue()

File pyobjc/Lib/objc/__init__.py

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     return selector(func, signature="v@:@")
+def pluginBundle(pluginName):
+    """
+    Return the main bundle for the named plugin. This should be used
+    in combination with ``PyObjCTools.pluginbuilder``.
+    """
+    cls = 'PyObjC_Bundle_' + pluginName 
+    return runtime.NSBundle.bundleForClass_(getattr(runtime, cls))
 from _convenience import CONVENIENCE_METHODS, CLASS_METHODS