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XgridFoundation is gone in OSX 10.8

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File pyobjc-framework-XgridFoundation/Doc/api-notes-XgridFoundation.txt

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 API Notes for the XgridFoundation framework
-PyObjC's bindings for the XgridFoundation framwork are complete.
+PyObjC's bindings for the XgridFoundation framework are complete.
+.. note:: 
+   The XgridFoundation framework is not present in OSX 10.8 or later.

File pyobjc-framework-XgridFoundation/setup.py

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 from pyobjc_setup import setup
-    max_os_level='10.8',
+    max_os_level='10.7',
     description = "Wrappers for the framework XgridFoundation on Mac OS X",