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 <li>Objects that support the Python buffer protocol, such as <code><span>buffer</span></code> and
 <code><span>array.array</span></code> (but not <code><span>str</span></code> or <code><span>unicode</span></code>) are now bridged as
 <code><span>NSData</span></code> subclasses.</li>
+<h2><a name="version-1-3-2005-03-31">Version 1.3 (2005-03-31)</a></h2>
 <li>New <code><span>objc.pyobjc_id</span></code> function that returns a the id of the underlying
 NSObject as an integer.  (Python wrapper objects are often made on the
 fly, meaning <code><span>id(obj)</span></code> is not constant during the lifetime of the