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Mention that NibClassBuilder is deprecated and should not be used.

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File pyobjc-core/Doc/lib/module-PyObjCTools.NibClassBuilder.rst

-:mod:`PyObjCTools.NibClassBuilder` -- Extract definitions from NIBs
+:mod:`PyObjCTools.NibClassBuilder` -- Magic NIBs
 .. module:: PyObjCTools.NibClassBuilder
    :synopsis: Extract definitions from NIBs
+.. deprecated:: 2.4
+   Use of this module is deprecated because it cannot be
+   used with modern versions of Xcode (starting at Xcode 4.0),
+   and because recent versions of Xcode can extract class 
+   information from Python sources.
+The module is used to avoid repeating class inheritance and outlet 
+definitions in both python sources and Interface Builder NIB files. 
+The module reads this information from NIB files and provides a magic
+meta class that inserts the right superclass and outlet definitions.
+Do not use this module for new developement, it will likely disappear
+in a future version of PyObjC because it can no longer work with modern
+versions of Xcode, and in particular not with XIB files and compiled
+NIB files.
 Extracting class definitions from nibs
 The module maintains a global set of class definitions, extracted from
 nibs. To add the classes from a nib to this set, use the ``extractClasses()``
 function. It can be called in two ways:
 line program, which you feed paths to nibs. This will print a Python
 template for all classes defined in the nib(s). For more documentation,
 see the commandline_doc variable, or simply run the program without
-arguments. It also contains a simple test program.
+arguments. It also contains a simple test program.