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Ronald Oussoren  committed a9ae289

Make 'setup.py sdist' play nice with SVN

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 include ChangeLog *.txt *.html MANIFEST.in NEWS setup.py
-graft Doc 
-graft Examples 
+graft Doc
+graft Examples
 graft Installer?Package
-graft Lib 
-graft MPCompat 
-graft Modules 
+graft Lib
+graft MPCompat
+graft Modules
 graft ProjectBuilder?Extras
-graft Scripts 
-graft libffi-src 
-prune Examples/*/build
-prune Examples/*/*~.nib
-prune Examples/*/*/*~.nib
+graft Scripts
+graft Xcode
+graft libffi-src
+graft setup-lib
 global-exclude .DS_Store
 global-exclude *.pbxuser
-exclude Modules/*/_*_Enum.inc
-exclude Modules/*/_*_Str.inc
-exclude Modules/*/_*_Var.inc
-exclude Modules/*/_*_Functions.inc
+global-exclude *.pyc

File setup-lib/di_sdist.py

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+# distutils doesn't know about subversion and I'm to lazy to reverse engineer
+# distutils in the hope of detecting how to specify that all svn directories
+# should be removed.
+from distutils.command.sdist import sdist as sdist_base
+class cmd_sdist (sdist_base):
+    def prune_file_list(self):
+        sdist_base.prune_file_list(self)
+        self.filelist.exclude_pattern(r'/\.svn/.*$', is_regex=1)
+        self.filelist.exclude_pattern(r'/build/.*$', is_regex=1)
+        self.filelist.exclude_pattern(r'/.*~\.nib/.*$', is_regex=1)

File setup.py

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 import os
 from di_test import cmd_test
+from di_sdist import cmd_sdist
 class pyobjc_build_ext (build_ext):
              cmdclass = {
                 'build_ext': pyobjc_build_ext,
                 'test':      cmd_test,
+                'sdist':     cmd_sdist,