Ronald Oussoren committed c2f726e

We're finally there, the new site looks fine and complete.

There are still minor issues (such as a too narrow left margin and lack of
syntax coloring inside documents), but those can be resolved later.

Time to prepare for replacing the current website...

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     return allProjects
-def generateProjectDocumentation(generator, projhtml, projroot, name, allProjects):
+def generateProjectDocumentation(generator, projhtml, projroot, newsfile, name, allProjects):
     doclist = []
     description = ''
+    if os.path.exists(newsfile):
+        newshtml = os.path.join(projhtml, 'news.html')
+        doclist.append(('Current NEWS', newshtml))
+        content = open(newsfile, 'r').read()
+        parts =  publish_parts(
+            source=content,
+            source_path=os.path.basename(newsfile),
+            writer_name='html',
+            settings_overrides=dict(
+                input_encoding='utf-8',
+                initial_header_level=2,
+            ))
+        title=parts['title']
+        if not title:
+            title = os.path.splitext(fn)[0]
+        generator.emitHTML(
+            newshtml,
+            'documentation-doc.html',
+            name=name,
+            title=title,
+            body=parts['body'],
+            bottommenu=allProjects,
+        )
     for fn in os.listdir(projroot):
         if fn.endswith('.html') or fn in ('.svn', 'CVS'):
     for project in projects:
         projroot = os.path.join(sourceroot, project, 'Doc')
-        if not os.path.exists(projroot):
+        newsfile = os.path.join(sourceroot, project, 'NEWS.txt')
+        if not os.path.exists(projroot) and not os.path.exists(newsfile):
             projhtml = os.path.join(htmlroot, project)
             description, projdocs = generateProjectDocumentation(
-                generator, projhtml, projroot, name, allProjects)
+                generator, projhtml, projroot, newsfile, name, allProjects)
             documentListing.append((name, description, projdocs))


     quarter and at least 5 news items.
     result = []
-    mindate = -
+    mindate = - datetime.timedelta(maxAge)
     mindate = mindate.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')
     for item in listing:
         if len(result) < minitems:


     ('Home',            '/index.html'),
     ('Documentation',   '/documentation/index.html'),
-    ('Development',     '/development/index.html'),
-    ('Download',        '/software/index.html'),
+    ('Development',     '/development.html'),
+    ('Download',        '/downloads.html'),
     ('Examples',        '/examples/index.html'),
     ('Mailing lists',   ''),
         if not os.path.exists(outdn):
-        tmpl = MarkupTemplate(open(infn, 'r').read(), loader=self._makeLoader(infn))
+        tmpl = MarkupTemplate(open(infn, 'r').read(), loader=self._makeLoader(infn), lookup='strict')
         variables = self._makeGlobals(_htmlpath)
         stream = tmpl.generate(**variables)


 Bob Ippolito did a session about Python on Mac OS X, and more specifically
-PyObjC at this year's WWDC. The web presence for that session is now up
+PyObjC, at WWDC 2005. The web presence for that session is now up


+Updated website
+The website has been updated with documentation and examples from PyObjC 2.0.
+It is now possible to browse the source code for examples and download complete


 from distutils.errors  import DistutilsError
 from distutils import log
-import sys, os
+import sys, os, shutil
 # The truly interesting code is in the 'lib' directory, make that available.
         generator = sitegen.SiteGenerator('templates', 'htdocs')
+        if os.path.exists('htdocs'):
+            shutil.rmtree('htdocs')
+        os.mkdir('htdocs')
+"Copying static resources")
         for subdir in os.listdir('resources'):
             if subdir.startswith('.'): continue
         generator.emitHTML("/index.html", "site-index.html",  
                 pyobjc_release_date='October 24th 2007',
-                news=newsItems,
+                news=news.newsSelection(newsItems),
         docs.generateDocs(generator, '/documentation', '..', ['pyobjc-core'] + frameworkList)


 .. __:
 You can fetch a snapshot of the current development tree using a WebDAV connection to <>
-or <>, just copy the ``pyobjc`` folder to a local disk.
+or <>, just copy the ``pyobjc`` folder to a local disk.
 Bug tracker and older files


 The building blocks
-* `Python` - the python interpreter
+* `Python`_ - the python interpreter
 * `Objective-C`_ - the objective-C programming language
 * `CamelBones`_ - a Perl<->ObjC bridge
+* `FScript`_ - a lightweight object-oriented scripting layer designed for OS X
+* And many more.... has put together an `an excellent collection of links!`__
+.. __:
+.. _`FScript`:
 .. _`CamelBones`:
-* `FScript`_ - a lightweight object-oriented scripting layer designed for OS X
-.. _`FScript`:
-* And many more.... the F-Script folks have put together an `an excellent collection of links!`__
-.. __:


   <xi:include href="layout.html" />
-    <title>PyObjC - ${headline}</title>
+    <title>PyObjC - ${newsitem['headline']}</title>


     the examples for a specific framework.</p>
-      <li py:for="framework, link in bottommenu"><a href="${link}/">${framework}</a></li>
+      <li py:for="framework, link in bottommenu"><a href="${link}">${framework}</a></li>
     <p><em>Note:</em> a number of examples still use <code>NibClassBuilder.AutoBaseClass</code>. This is deprecated


-      <p><a href="${url('/download.html')}">PyObjC ${pyobjc_version}</a> was released on ${pyobjc_release_date}. See 
-      the <a href="${url('/documentation/news.html')}">NEWS file</a> for details.</p>
+      <p><a href="${url('/downloads.html')}">PyObjC ${pyobjc_version}</a> was released on ${pyobjc_release_date}. See 
+      the <a href="${url('/documentation/pyobjc-core/news.html')}">NEWS file</a> for details.</p>
       <p>PyObjC supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later, earlier versions are not supported. 
       The <a href="">GNUstep</a> project is also not supported, contact the