Ronald Oussoren  committed e0bbf05

Fix problems on OSX 10.5

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File pyobjc-framework-SearchKit/Lib/SearchKit/

-except NameError:
+except AttributeError:
     # SKIndexGetTypeID is documented, but not actually exported by Leopard. Try to
     # emulate the missing functionality.
         pool = NSAutoreleasePool.alloc().init()
             rI = mod.SKIndexCreateWithMutableData(,
-                    None, kSKIndexInverted, None)
+                    None, mod.kSKIndexInverted, None)
             indexID = mod.CFGetTypeID(rI)
         # when the framework loader calls it the first time around,
         # by this time the framework is fully initialized and we get
         # the correct result.
-        mod.SKDocumentRef = objc.registerCFSignature(
+        SKDocumentRef = objc.registerCFSignature(
                 "SKDocumentRef", b"@", mod.SKDocumentGetTypeID())