Ronald Oussoren committed e0e38a3

Small metadata tweaks

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 # This file is generated by objective.metadata
-# Last update: Fri May 18 15:49:18 2012
+# Last update: Sun May 20 16:58:44 2012
 import objc, sys
     r('NSCoder', b'encodeQTTimeRange:forKey:', {'arguments': {2: {'type': sel32or64(b'{_QTTimeRange={_QTTime=qll}{_QTTime=qll}}', b'{_QTTimeRange={_QTTime=qqq}{_QTTime=qqq}}')}}})
     r('NSObject', b'captureOutput:shouldChangeOutputFileAtURL:forConnections:dueToError:', {'retval': {'type': 'Z'}})
     r('NSObject', b'movie:linkToURL:', {'retval': {'type': 'Z'}})
-    r('NSObject', b'movie:shouldContinueOperation:withPhase:atPercent:withAttributes:', {'retval': {'type': 'Z'}})
+    r('NSObject', b'movie:shouldContinueOperation:withPhase:atPercent:withAttributes:', {'retval': {'type': 'Z'}, 'arguments': {4: {'type': 'i'}}})
     r('NSObject', b'movieShouldLoadData:', {'retval': {'type': 'Z'}})
     r('NSObject', b'movieShouldTask:', {'retval': {'type': 'Z'}})
     r('NSValue', b'QTTimeRangeValue', {'retval': {'type': sel32or64(b'{_QTTimeRange={_QTTime=qll}{_QTTime=qll}}', b'{_QTTimeRange={_QTTime=qqq}{_QTTime=qqq}}')}})


       "class_method": false, 
+      "args": {
+         "2": {
+	    "type_override": "i"
+	}
+      },
       "retval": {
        "type_override": "Z"
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