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Added a simple CLI only KVO example.

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+import objc
+from Foundation import NSObject, NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew, NSKeyValueChangeNewKey
+class MyClass(NSObject):
+    base = objc.ivar("base", objc._C_INT)
+    power = objc.ivar("power", objc._C_INT)
+    result = objc.ivar("result", objc._C_INT)
+    def result(self):
+        return self.base ** self.power
+    [u"base", u"power"],
+    u"result"
+class Observer(NSObject):
+    def observeValueForKeyPath_ofObject_change_context_(self, path, object, changeDescription, context):
+        print 'path "%s" was changed to "%s".' % (path, changeDescription[NSKeyValueChangeNewKey])
+myInstance =
+observer =
+myInstance.addObserver_forKeyPath_options_context_(observer, "result", NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew, 0)
+myInstance.addObserver_forKeyPath_options_context_(observer, "base", NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew, 0)
+myInstance.addObserver_forKeyPath_options_context_(observer, "power", NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew, 0)
+myInstance.setValue_forKey_(2, "base")
+myInstance.power = 4
+print "%d ** %d == %d" % (myInstance.base, myInstance.valueForKey_("power"), myInstance.result())
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