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Ronald Oussoren  committed f056008

Buglet in the deploy script: the files/directories on the server should be
group-writable, otherwise the other maintainers cannot upload changed

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 # server.
 rsync --progress -C -e ssh --delete  -v -z -rltgoD --exclude 'cvs-snapshots' docroot/ "${1:-bbum}@shell.sourceforge.net:/home/groups/p/py/pyobjc/htdocs/"
+# Permissions are hosed anyway, fix them up afterwards
+# The redirection of stderr was added to ignore error messages about not 
+# being able to change the permissions of files owned by others
+ssh "${1:-bbum}@shell.sourceforge.net" "chmod -R g+w /home/groups/p/py/pyobjc/htdocs  2>/dev/null"