Ronald Oussoren avatar Ronald Oussoren committed f2948d2

Update for GNUstep. With this change passes for the first time.

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 static ffi_type*
 signature_to_ffi_type(const char* argtype)
+ * arg_signature_to_ffi_type: Make the ffi_type for the call to the method IMP,
+ * on MacOS X this is the same as the normal signature_to_ffi_type, but on
+ * Linux/GNUstep we need a slightly different function.
+ */
+#ifdef MACOSX
+#define arg_signature_to_ffi_type signature_to_ffi_type
+static inline ffi_type*
+arg_signature_to_ffi_type(const char* argtype)
+	/* NOTE: This is the minimal change to pass the unittests, it is not
+	 * based on analysis of the calling conventions.
+	 */
+	switch (*argtype) {
+	case _C_CHR: return &ffi_type_sint;
+	case _C_UCHR: return &ffi_type_uint;
+	case _C_SHT: return &ffi_type_sint;
+	case _C_USHT: return &ffi_type_uint;
+	default: return signature_to_ffi_type(argtype);
+	}
 /* This function decodes its arguments into Python values, then
  * calls the python method and finally encodes the return value
 	for (i = 0; i < methinfo->nargs; i++) {
-		cl_arg_types[i+argOffset] = signature_to_ffi_type(
+		cl_arg_types[i+argOffset] = arg_signature_to_ffi_type(
 		if (cl_arg_types[i+argOffset] == NULL) {
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