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+ * @header   proxy-registry.h
+ * @abstract Maintain a registry of proxied objects
+ * @discussion
+ * 	Object-identity is important in several Cocoa API's. For that
+ * 	reason we need to make sure that at most one proxy object is 
+ * 	alive for every Python or Objective-C object.
+ */
+int PyObjC_InitProxyRegistry(void);
+int PyObjC_RegisterPythonProxy(id original, PyObject* proxy);
+int PyObjC_RegisterObjCProxy(PyObject* original, id proxy);
+void PyObjC_UnregisterPythonProxy(id original, PyObject* proxy);
+void PyObjC_UnregisterObjCProxy(PyObject* original, id proxy);
+id PyObjC_FindObjCProxy(PyObject* original);
+PyObject* PyObjC_FindPythonProxy(id original);
+#endif /* PyObjC_PROXY_REGISTRY_H */
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