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 <!-- This document is in structured text markup to enable easy translation to 
 HTML. -->
 <h2><a name="introduction">Introduction</a></h2>
-<p>XXX:  This documet is outdated and incomplete.</p>
+<p>XXX:  This document is outdated and incomplete.</p>
 <p>This document gives an overview of the PyObjC for developers (of the package).</p>
 <p>One of the sections describes how all of it works, and some of the limitation.</p>
 <p>This document is a little dated, it should be updated.</p>
 <p>When translating from NSString to a Python unicode object (and back) we first 
 translate to a UTF8 encoding. This way we don't have to worry about any
 differences in the representation of Unicode strings in Python and Objective-C
-(Python has two different represenations, selection is at compile-time).</p>
+(Python has two different representations, selection is at compile-time).</p>