No module named _machsignals

Issue #109 resolved
Alpha Chen
created an issue

I was debugging why CTRL-C seemed to have odd behavior when using PyObjC, and I saw that when attempting to import MachSignals from PyObjCTools, _machsignals doesn't exist.

from PyObjCTools import MachSignals

I'm on Yosemite, running PyObjC 3.0.3.

Edit for more background:

I'm doing the following and want CTRL-C in the terminal to quit the headless app. Instead, I just see the stacktrace for an "uncaught exception KeyboardInterrupt" on stdout. I tried using runConsoleEventLoop() and installInterrupt=True, but no combination seems to work. If I'm doing this wrong, I'd love to know the right way to do this.


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