[Quartz] Expose CGSSetConnectionProperty

Issue #186 wontfix
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I am building a Mac OS app that needs to show and hide the mouse from a background process. The recommended solution is to enable SetsCursorInBackground with CGSSetConnectionProperty.

The issue is that I currently do not have access to Quartz.CGSSetConnectionProperty() or Quartz._CGSDefaultConnection().

Would exposing this part of the Quartz API be in scope for this project? If not, any help getting the functionality working on a fork would be appreciated.

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  1. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    Neither CGSSetConnectionProperty nor _CGSDefaultConnection are public APIs in the Quartz framework, which explains why PyObjC doesn't expose these functions.

    I am not interested in adding bindings for private APIs to PyObjC, those are too hard to keep up to date.

    P.S. Manually defining binding should by easy enough using objc.loadBundleFunctions().

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