pyobjc-core on platforms besides macOS

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Joe D'Andrea
created an issue

Would it be conceivable to use pyobjc-core on a platform other than macOS someday?

I'm looking to use getKeyPath-compatible behavior on Ubuntu, and KVC is just wonderful. Right now, pyobjc-core won't install on Ubuntu due to /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist not being found.

Thoughts welcomed!

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  1. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    It is not inconceivable to use pyobjc-core on other platforms, as long as there's an Objective-C runtime with similar semantics as the Apple one and there needs to be someone that wants to have this enough to actually do the work (both the initial port and ongoing work to keep it functioning). I have no plans to support other platforms at this moment though.

    That said, the KVC support functions in PyObjC aren't that useful without the Apple frameworks that KVC (and KVO) can be used with. If you only need the functionality of getKeyPath and setKeyPath: those functions are fairly trivial if you don't need to have the interaction with Objective-C. The easiest way forward for that would be to just clone PyObjCTools.KeyValueCoding and rip out all support for Objective-C objects (which is fine as long as you respect the license).

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