Update PyObjC for macOS 10.13

Issue #193 resolved
Ronald Oussoren
repo owner created an issue
  • Update metadata
  • Fix other issues found during 10.13 betas.

Comments (8)

  1. Ronald Oussoren reporter

    A large subset of frameworks have updated metadata and tests for beta 1, but not all. I have not yet tested on 10.13 (that will change when all metadata has been updates)

  2. Ronald Oussoren reporter

    Current status: all wrappers but AVFoundation and Foundation have been updated.

    Two new frameworks have not yet been wrapped: MetalPerformanceShaders and Vision. Based on the name the first will likely not be wrapped at all, the latter may be (haven't looked at it yet)

    Still without testing on 10.13

  3. Ronald Oussoren reporter

    Almost all tests now pass on 10.13 beta 1, and metadata has been updated for 10.13.

    My next step is to create a new VM running beta 3, as for upgrading my 10.13 VM doesn't work for some reason.

  4. Ronald Oussoren reporter

    The metadata is up-to-date w.r.t. Xcode 9 beta 6, with the exception of the bindings for AVFoundations (which haven't been updated for Sierra as well and need serious work).

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