Crash in pyobjc-core test

Issue #200 invalid
Ronald Oussoren
repo owner created an issue

"python -m PyObjCTest.test_conversions" crashes when running using python3.6 on high-sierra (xcode 9 beta 6):

$ python -m PyObjCTest.test_conversion -v
testAll (__main__.PyOCTestTypeStr) ... ok
test_simple (__main__.TestArray) ... ok
testFloatArray (__main__.TestCArray) ... ok
testFloatTuple (__main__.TestCArray) ... ok
testIntArray (__main__.TestCArray) ... ok
testIntTuple (__main__.TestCArray) ... ok
testMixedArray (__main__.TestCArray) ... ok
testPointArray (__main__.TestCArray) ... Floating point exception: 8

Oddly enough there is no crash with the entire testsuite (which is why I haven't noticed this before).

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