Some opaque types are not exported from Quartz module

Issue #202 resolved
Nickolas Pohilets
created an issue

Not exported:

  • CGPDFDictionaryRef
  • CGPDFScannerRef
  • CGPDFStreamRef
  • CGPDFStringRef

But the following types are exported:

  • CGDirectPaletteRef
  • CGDisplayConfigRef
  • CGEventTapProxy
  • CGPDFArrayRef
  • CGPDFContentStreamRef
  • CGPDFObject
  • CGPDFOperatorTableRef

PyObjC version 3.2.1

Comments (5)

  1. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    The referenced changeset is the branch that will lead to PyObjC 4.0 with macOS 10.13 support.

    I've updated metadata and tests, but haven't run the testsuite yet (which means there are likely problems left).

    I also noticed the testsuite for the Quartz bindings contain more notes about incomplete bindings that I can look into.

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