pyobjc-core: test_regr testStructReturn failure on 10.12

Issue #247 new
Ronald Oussoren
repo owner created an issue

When running pyobjc-core's PyObjCTests/ separately the test fails, it passes fine when run in the full test suite.

When running the full the test fails on x86_64, when running on i386 or when running just testStructReturn the interpreter crashes.

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  1. Ronald Oussoren reporter

    Avoid old buffer API in pyobjc-core, first batch

    See #247. This changeset moves part of pyobjc-core to
    the "new" buffer API (introduced in Python 3).

    There's still a number of uses of the old buffer API left,
    those require more invasive changes.

    → <<cset 3513e3d3ec7d>>

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