PyObjC decorators are not covered by docs

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Decorators provided by PyObjC are not documented anywhere.

If you'd supply me with full list of decorators designed to be used in user code, I'd help with it.

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  1. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    There is documentation in pyobjc-core/Doc/lib/module-objc.rst in the repository. That should document all decorators, although I haven't verified yet that everything is document.

    The decorators aren't grouped into one section though.

  2. Kentzo reporter

    There is no pyobjc-core/Doc/lib/module-objc.rst, only pyobjc /pyobjc-core/Doc/api/module-objc.rst and it doesn't contain info about callbackFor

  3. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    I recently renamed 'lib' to 'api', but forget about this in my previous message. Most functions should now be mentioned in the documentation, although some entries are currently placeholders.

    One big file is probably not the best way to document the module, and I've already pulled parts of it out (see for example the metadata subdirectory in the repository that documents the metadata system and all API related to that).

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