failed to setup if CommandLineTools is only setup and not Xcode.

Issue #269 resolved
clément bouvier created an issue

So as to test different package by pkgsrc, I usually use only Command Line Tools with different version that I can easy switch with xcode-select -s.

Some package build system such as Joyent' one also use only Command Line Tools to build the packages to distribute (the build log is available here).

Changing xcodebuild into xcrun to determine the SDK path used does not seem have an impact (xcrun -sdk macosx -show-sdk-path).

Are there more implications to change xcodebuild into xcrun to find the sdk path?

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  1. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    I only use Xcode for building myself, mostly because Xcode updates automatically through the app store. It is also easy enough to install multiple Xcode versions side by side (I currently have the Xcode beta installed next to the production version).

    That said, I don’t mind using ``xcrun`` to determine the SDK path. Could you provide a pull request?

  2. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    Thanks for the pull request. I've merged it into the default branch, and will port it to the branch leading up to PyObjC 6 (later this year)

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