importing pyobjc prints out a bunch of type signatures

Issue #277 resolved
Glyph created an issue

pip install pyobjc

python -c 'import objc'

bool b'B' <classmethod object at 0x10a4abf28> <function ivar.bool at 0x10da9fd90>
char b'c' <classmethod object at 0x10a4abfd0> <function ivar.char at 0x10da9fe18>
int b'i' <classmethod object at 0x10da91fd0> <function at 0x10da9fea0>
short b's' <classmethod object at 0x10da91f98> <function ivar.short at 0x10da9ff28>
long b'l' <classmethod object at 0x10dac5f60> <function ivar.long at 0x10daf4048>
long_long b'q' <classmethod object at 0x10dad3a90> <function ivar.long_long at 0x10daf40d0>
unsigned_char b'C' <classmethod object at 0x10dad3898> <function ivar.unsigned_char at 0x10daf4158>
unsigned_int b'I' <classmethod object at 0x10dad3ef0> <function ivar.unsigned_int at 0x10daf41e0>
unsigned_short b'S' <classmethod object at 0x10dab1ba8> <function ivar.unsigned_short at 0x10daf4268>
unsigned_long b'L' <classmethod object at 0x10dadf9e8> <function ivar.unsigned_long at 0x10daf42f0>
unsigned_long_long b'Q' <classmethod object at 0x10dadf748> <function ivar.unsigned_long_long at 0x10daf4378>
float b'f' <classmethod object at 0x10dadff28> <function ivar.float at 0x10daf4400>
double b'd' <classmethod object at 0x10dadf898> <function ivar.double at 0x10daf4488>
BOOL b'Z' <classmethod object at 0x10dadf7b8> <function ivar.BOOL at 0x10daf4510>
UniChar b'T' <classmethod object at 0x10dadfb38> <function ivar.UniChar at 0x10daf4598>
char_text b't' <classmethod object at 0x10dadf208> <function ivar.char_text at 0x10daf4620>
char_int b'z' <classmethod object at 0x10dadff60> <function ivar.char_int at 0x10daf46a8>


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