Generate basic API docs based on raw metadata

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Ronald Oussoren repo owner created an issue

It should be possible to generate API documentation for use in the sphinx docs based on the metadata. These would necessarily be pretty minimal, just a list of APIs with at best a link to Apple’s documentation for that API.

This is somewhat related to #198, both issues probably require slightly richer raw metadata to be truly useful. Interesting information to add to the raw metadata:

  1. The class name for object arguments (id, type encoding '@')
  2. Enum information (both to group enum values, and to document that an API uses the enum)

Also investigate how to merge the generated API documentation with manual documentation for extra bits added by PyObjC (such as APIs added using objc.addConvenienceForClass).

P.S. Writing full API documentation for the framework bindings is out of scope, there’s no way I can keep up with Apple.

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