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Do you think PyObjC is ready for another release?

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  1. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

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    I wanted to release before jan 1st, but ran into an issue with my test setup. If al goes well I will release tomorrow.

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  2. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    I'm currently sprinting on PyObjC 3.x, will actually push PyObjC 2.5 to PyPI when I get back from that or when I reached the milestones I want to reach this week.

    note: the pyobjc 2.5.x branch already contains a fresh bug fix, but it is highly unlikely that real world code can trigger this bug and I won't retag 2.5 for this.

  3. Kentzo reporter

    I'd love to see fresh PyObjC 2.5 on PyPI. Currently distributed version way too outdate. And I cannot publish some of my Packages that depends on PyObjC 2.5.

    Ronald, please take a look. It's very important to keep distributed up-to-day, otherwise people may consider PyObjC as unstable, deprecated package.

  4. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    I'm currently running the full test suite and will publish once that's done (assuming no last-minute bugs turn up).

    Bugging me to do a release doesn't help, I'll release when I'm ready and have time. Also: the last release was in november, if anyone thinks that PyObjC is unmaintained because of that they should move away from Python itself, the last python release is older than that.

    For the record: I spend a significant amount of time on PyObjC, and all of that is unfunded and done in my spare time.

  5. Kentzo reporter

    I know you're working alone, and I very appreciate it. Sorry for the annoyance. Just wanted to see the new version of that awesome library available with a few important bugs fixed .

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