CGFunctionCreate not exported through callbacks?

Issue #47 resolved
michaelian Ennis
created an issue

I couldn't get pyobjc-framework-Quartz/Examples/Core Graphics/CGShading Demo/ to work. It looks to me like CGFunctionCreate is missing. I do see it referenced as (sel32or64(b'^{CGFunction=}^vL^fL^f^{CGFunctionCallbacks=I^?^?}' in CoreGraphics._metadata.functions[''CGFunctionCreate']

I noticed the note that the examples weren't very pythonic so I thought maybe I could learn pyobjc by cleaning them up and contributing those changes. Attached is a diff of how far I got with the this example.

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  1. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    Could you check if the problem is present in the 2.5.1 release?

    If 2.5.1 doesn't fix the issue:

    • Which python version do you use?
    • Which OSX release?
    • Are you running pyobjc on the same OSX release as used for the build? (that is, are you running on 10.X while building on 10.Y, with X < Y?)
  2. michaelian Ennis reporter

    Ok I started using CoreGraphics because Quartz didn't appear to be exporting most of the methods used in that example. Perhaps I'm just missing something. I'll dig a little deeper and start with today's release.

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