Minor errors in documentation (Introduction to PyObjC)

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I just read straight through the Introduction to PyObjC at https://pythonhosted.org/pyobjc/core/intro.html and noticed a few minor errors/problems while I was going through. I hope creating an issue for these is the right thing to do, but if not please accept my apologies.

  1. Section: Objective-C for PyObjC users: Paragraph 2: Redundant ' of C and borrows heavily from Smalltalk.' immediately after the first sentence.

  2. Section: Messages and Functions

Point 2: "If the result class or raise (Python keywords), append two underscores:"

I guess there's a word or two missing here? I don't actually quite understand what it's saying. Is it talking about (python) names?

  1. Section: Messages and Functions

out: There's an extra full stop in ... 'arguments. to the method' ...

  1. Section: Reference counting

"The easiest way to avoid crashes with outline views is to make sure that you model for the view uses subclasses of NSObject to represent the nodes in the outline view."

I guess that "you" should be "your"?

  1. Section: Categories

"Objective-C has a mechanism for modularize a class definition, ..."

I guess "modularize" should be "modularizing". (The comma might be better as a full stop or colon, too, but that's not important.)

  1. Section: Building applications

This section starts by saying "There are two different recommended ways to build applications with PyObjC."

But as far as I can see, it only lists one (unless the two are with and without -A; but I don't think so).

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