Distribute pre-build binaries as wheels

Issue #91 resolved
Ronald Oussoren
repo owner created an issue

There should be wheels on PyPI that can be used with the python.org python installers (at least).

Doing this manually requires too much time, there should be scripts that build and test the wheels. It's probably useful to do this as part of automating the release process (running tests, collecting source archives, wheel archives and uploading all of them after manual verification of the build/test logs).

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  1. Ronald Oussoren reporter

    My current plan for providing wheels:

    • Use a local devpi server for testing and staging
    • Upload wheels for the the x86_64/i386 variants on www.python.org to this server from a VM running the latest OSX version
    • Test those wheels on VMs running OSX 10.6 upto the latest OSX release

    To be determined:

    • A test procedure that gives confidence in the functionality of the generated wheels on older OSX releases

    • Also create wheels for other CPython variants? In particular, wheels for Anaconda?

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