failed to install pyobjc 3.0.1 with pip on 10.9.4 with missing pyobjc-framework-GameKit

Issue #92 resolved
Masato Onodera
created an issue


when I tried to upgrade pyobjc 2.5.1 to 3.0.1 on my OS X 10.9.4 with Xcode 5.1.1 by pip install -U pyobjc, I failed to install it with the following error message.

Downloading/unpacking pyobjc-framework-GameKit==3.0.1 (from pyobjc)
  Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement pyobjc-framework-GameKit==3.0.1 (from pyobjc)
Cleaning up...
No distributions at all found for pyobjc-framework-GameKit==3.0.1 (from pyobjc)
Storing debug log for failure in /Users/monodera/.pip/pip.log

Apparently, there is no pyobjc-framework-GameKit in the repository, and pyobjc-framework-GameKit is not uncommented in in pyobjc 2.5.1.

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  1. Masato Onodera reporter

    Thanks. I've tried to do that, but I got errors from some pyobjc components which do not support 10.9... I think I should wait for updates on these packages for 10.9 support.

  2. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    monodera: what kind of errors do you get on 10.9? PyObjC should work fine on 10.9, the only problem I know of is that there is no metadata for APIs introduced in 10.9.

  3. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    I intend to push out a new release tonight. GameKit is a framework on OSX 10.9 that isn't wrapped in PyObjC yet but accidentally ended up in the dependency list for pyobjc project.

  4. Masato Onodera reporter

    With rev:5326:a2cdc24d6e52, I was able to install pyobjc without any problem. Thanks!

    For the previous question about the error I got, it's about 'max_os_level' in When max_os_level is set to 10.8 and this component is requested to be installed by the parent in pyobjc, installation appears to get failed.

  5. Roger Kohler

    When I downloaded the source and updated and ran python3 install I got an error:

    Installed /private/var/folders/ln/jb79h0155x3dgzfpxhvcwscr0000gn/T/easy_install-mt58p3vh/pyobjc-framework-ServerNotification-3.0.1/pyobjc_core-3.0.1-py3.4-macosx-10.6-intel.egg error: Setup script exited with error: This distribution is only supported on MacOSX versions 10.6 upto and including 10.8

    and I am running on MacOSx 10.9.4 with python 3.4.1 - what am I missing?

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