pyobjc / Modules / objc / test / copying.m

The branch 'pyobjc-ancient' does not exist.
 * This module is used in the unittests for object identity.
#include "Python.h"
#include "pyobjc-api.h"

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@interface NSObject (OC_CopyHelper)

@interface OC_CopyHelper : NSObject
{ }

@implementation OC_CopyHelper
	NSObject<NSCopying>* tmp;
	NSObject* retval;

	tmp = (NSObject*)[[aClass alloc] init];
	[tmp modify];

	retval = [tmp copyWithZone:nil];
	[tmp release];
	return retval;

@interface OC_CopyBase : NSObject <NSCopying>
	int intVal;

@implementation OC_CopyBase
	return [self initWithInt:0];

	self = [super init];
	if (self == nil) return nil;

	intVal = value;
	return self;

	return intVal;

	intVal = val;

	return NSCopyObject(self, 0, zone);

static PyMethodDef copying_methods[] = {
	{ 0, 0, 0, 0 }

void initcopying(void);
void initcopying(void)
	PyObject* m;

	m = Py_InitModule4("copying", copying_methods, 

	PyModule_AddObject(m, "OC_CopyHelper",
		PyObjCClass_New([OC_CopyHelper class]));
	PyModule_AddObject(m, "OC_CopyBase",
		PyObjCClass_New([OC_CopyBase class]));
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