pyobjc / Lib / AppKit /

Python mapping for the Cocoa AppKit.

This module does not contain docstrings for the wrapped code, check Apple's
documentation for details on how to use these functions and classes.

import _AppKitSignatures
import objc as _objc

# Import contansts and global functions.
from _AppKit import *

# Load the Cocoa bundle, and gather all classes defined there
if _objc.platform == 'MACOSX':

# Define useful utility methods here
NSClassForName = _objc.lookUpClass

# The used to be defined here as pure python functions, these aliasses
# are left here for backward compatibility.
from Foundation import NSMakePoint, NSMakeSize, NSMakeRect

import protocols  # no need to export these, just register with PyObjC

# NSView declares, but does not implement this method. This
# additional protocol is needed to ensure that python implementations of
# the method pick up the right signature.
protocols.NSWindowPrinting = _objc.informal_protocol(
        # - (BOOL)knowsPageRange:(NSRangePointer)range;

# (informal) protocols exported for b/w compatibility
from protocols import NSAccessibility, NSChangeSpelling, NSColorPickingCustom, \
                      NSColorPickingDefault, NSComboBoxCellDataSource, \
                      NSComboBoxDataSource, NSDraggingDestination, \
                      NSDraggingInfo, NSDraggingSource, \
                      NSIgnoreMisspelledWords, NSInputServerMouseTracker, \
                      NSMenuValidation, NSOutlineViewDelegate, \
                      NSOutlineViewDataSource, NSServicesRequests, \
                      NSTableViewDelegate, NSTableDataSource, NSToolTipOwner, \
                      NSToolbarItemValidation, NSToolbarDelegate, \
                      NSUserInterfaceValidations, \
                      NSValidatedUserInterfaceItem, NSApplicationDelegate, \
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