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PyObjC Examples

Simple scripts that demo the core modules


  Create a subclass of an objective-C class


  Likewise, but call super-class implementation of a method


  Use a NS*Dictionary object.


  Use an NSNetService class to look for servers using rendezvous.

Cocoa applications

Most of the following examples contain a ```` script that can
build an application. See `Building applications`_ for details how to invoke
these scripts. Some examples contain a ``Project Builder`` project file;
simply double-click it and choose ``Build and Run``.

.. _`Building applications`: ../Doc/intro.html#building-applications

* `ClassBrowser`_

  A simple class browser, demonstrating the use of NSBrowser (a "column view"
  hierarchical widget) and NSTableView.

* `CurrencyConverter`_

  A simple NIB based application. Start with this one. Also see the PyObjC

* `DotView`_

  A simple one-window demo showing how to custom drawing in a custom
  NSView. Additionally shows how easy it is to embed a view in an
  NSScrollView, as well as how to use an NSColorWell.

* `iClass`_

  A more elaborate class browser; demonstrates NSOutlineView and NSTableView.

* `PrefPane`_

  Demonstrates how to write an NSPreferencePane, for use in the
  System Preferences application. Requires a framework build of Python.
* `EnvironmentPrefs`_

  Another NSPreferencePane. This one can be used to edit the default environment
  for the current user. It also is a simple example of a localized application.

* `PythonBrowser`_

  A reusable Python object browser, demonstrating the use of NSOutlineView
  as well as how to use an NSWindowController subclass to create a window
  from a menu action.

* `TableModel`_

  Basic demo that shows how to use a NSTableView.

* `TinyTinyEdit`_

  A minimal Document-based text editor application.

* `Todo`_

  A more complex NIB based applications. This is a document-based application.
  The code is a translation into Python of an example project in 
  'Learning Cocoa' from O'Reilly

* `WebServicesTool`_

  Another Project Builder Cocoa project.  Queries an XML-RPC enabled web
  server for the methods that it implements.  Demonstrates a more advanced
  use of an NSTableView, how to make a toolbar as well as how to use

* `FieldGraph`_
  Another Project Builder Cocoa project, it also includes a ```` 
  script. This shows an simple example of an MVC based application, that also
  makes use of NSBezierPaths.

  The application calculates the field pattern and RMS field of an antenna 
  array with up to three elements.

* `PyInterpreter`_

  A full featured embedded Python interpreter.  This demonstrates
  more complicated uses of NSTextView, manual event dispatching,
  and the new text completion feature of OS X 10.3.

* `OpenGLDemo`_

  A simple program that shows how to use OpenGL in a Cocoa program.  It is a 
  port of Apple's "CocoaGL" example.  Note that this requires `PyOpenGL`_ to 
  be installed.

* `SillyBallsSaver`_

  A simple screensaver written in Python. This example requires a framework
  install of Python, that is either MacOS X 10.3 or a MacPython 2.3 

* Twisted/WebServicesTool

  Shows how to integrate Twisted (1.1 or later) with Cocoa, it is a
  refactor of the WebServicesTool example that is made much simpler
  by using Twisted.

* Twisted/WebServicesTool-ControllerLayer

  Shows how to integrate Twisted (1.1 or later) with Cocoa, it is a
  refactor of the WebServicesTool example that is made much simpler
  by using Twisted as it does not need threads. This one also uses
  NSController and therefore requires MacOS X 10.3.

* CocoaBindings/TableModel

  Shows how to fill an NSTableView using Key-Value Coding. 
  This example requires MacOS X 10.3 or later.

* CocoaBindings/TableModelWithSearch

  A more advanced example of Key-Value Coding. This uses a custom 

  This example requires MacOS X 10.3 or later.

* PackageManager
  An implementation of the MacPython PackageManager application using

* ProgressViewPalette

  A, currently non-functional, example of a palette for Interface Builder.

  This example does not work at the moment, due to an incompatibility between
  PyObjC and the way IB looks for classes.

* PyDocURLProtocol

  This example implements a subclass of ``NSURLProtocol`` that can be used
  to load the pydoc documentation of a module.

  It also includes a simple documentation browser using ``WebKit`` and the 
  ``PyDocURLProtocol`` class.
* SimpleService

  Shows how to implement entries for the Services menu.

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.. _`FieldGraph`: FieldGraph
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.. _`SillyBallsSaver`: SillyBallsSaver