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Collected examples for the PyObjC module.  Includes command line tools, examples using Project Builder, and various examples of using the numerous APIs provided by Apple (and, eventually, GnuStep).
The examples are included in the source tarball and on the disk image containing the binary installer. You can drag the documentation and examples to you disk to install them.
The examples will be added to this website in the future. The following is 
a short snippet of PyObjC code that defines a new class. This class can
be used and instantiated both in Python and in Objective-C:

    class Demo (NSEnumerator):
      __slots__ = ('cnt',)

      def init(self):
        self.cnt = 10
        return self

      def nextObject(self):
        print "nextObject" ,  self.retainCount()
        if self.cnt == 0:
          return None
        self.cnt -= 1
        return self.cnt

      def __del__(self):
        print "Bye from Demo instance"


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