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The new parsing code results in several changes, most of which should have no
effect on user code. The list below tries to enumerate these changes, all 
changes with effects on user code are definitely mentioned here.

Changes that could affect user code:
* NSObjC<Some>Type
  This family of constants now have type 'str' (of length 1) instead of 
  type 'int'. These functions are seldomly used.

Changes that should not affect user code:
* Most function wrappers are no longer instances of 

  This change makes pydoc even less effective on wrapped frameworks. Listed 
  in this section because pydoc was already quite useless on wrapped frameworks.

* ``from AppKit import *`` will also pull in all symbols from dependent

  ``from Framework import *`` now behaves more like 
  ``#import <Framework/Framework.h>`` in Objective-C.