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For detailed build and installation instructions, see the
project web site:


For quick install try:

	"python setup.py install"

See "python setup.py install --help" for options.

Be sure to uninstall previous versions of PyOpenGL first.  This is very
important when upgrading from PyOpenGL 1.5 to PyOpenGL 2.  Failure to
do so may result in odd behavior.  To manual remove a previous installation
of PyOpenGL just delete the "OpenGL" directory located in the Python site
packages directory.

Setup requires a platform specific configuration file located in
the config directory.  These files have names like win32.cfg, linux.cfg, or
mac.cfg.  The name is basically constructed from sys.platform stripped of all
version or architecture information.  For instance, linux-i386 -> linux.  If
you end up creating your own configuration file for a new platform then do
us all a favor and send it to the PyOpenGL SourceForge group.

Change Log: -->

		Due to the restructuring, you will probably want to remove any
		previous versions of PyOpenGL from your system before installing.
		Although the old version shouldn't actually cause any problems
		for the new version, it will hang around as lots of useless
		modules you don't really need.

		The use of SWIG 1.3.23 introduces more rigorous type-checking for
		a number of datatypes, particularly GLuint, GLint and GLsize.  
		You will  likely find at least a few uses in your code which 
		relies on the old behaviour.  I have explicitly loosened the
		extra checking in cases where passing in floats is very common
		(such as in specifying bitmap-operation width, height, x, y, 
		etceteras).  If there is something else you feel must be loosened,
		let me know.
		As a consequence of the previous, code which used negative values
		for glListBase *will fail*.  This was done in one of the demos,
		and should not have been.  I don't even know how it was working in
		the old code, but it definitely won't work with 2.0.2


		2.1 dev branch changes (pre-restructuring merged) into the 2.0.x
		maintenance branch.

		Changed to using SWIG 1.3.23 (most recent released SWIG)

			Required modification (and simplification) of the error-handling
			code in all modules.

			Required renaming all C modules.

			Modules now generally use Python shadow wrappers (swig default).

			Config test fixed (but unfortunately, it now runs for every
			module, regardless of whether it iss really being built).  This
			behaviour will be eliminated if I can get the time.
			New typemaps for GLsizei, GLint x and GLint y, which allow for
			passing in floats.  This tries to duplicate the older SWIG 1.3.13
			operations which provided automated conversion from float to
			int types.


		More changes to try to build properly on Fedora Core 2, or more
		generally, in the presence of FreeGLUT.


		A couple of extensions copied from the 2.1 branch to the
		2.0.x branch


		Both now have demos in OpenGLContext.  However, vertex_array_object
		seems to have a bug either in the wrapper, the driver or the
		extension itself (on my hardware). -->


		glDrawPixelsXX fixes to use arrays specified with "natural" ordering,
		that is, a 200x100 pixel array is specified as an array with shape
		of (200,100,3), rather than (100,200,3).  This matches the semantics of
		the string form, and allows glGetPixels and glGetTextureLevel results
		to be passed directly in to glDrawPixelsXX.  If you need to use the
		previous form, set:
			array.shape = (array.shape[1],array.shape[0]) + array.shape[2:]
		before the call to glDrawPixels

	Fix bug with glGetTexLevel where width was queried twice instead of height,
	were also queried in the reverse order (see glDrawPixelsXX changes).

	Also fix off-by-one bug in the code to generate the glGetTexLevel array
	(for the dimensions, which would have resulted in unusable images had anyone
	 been able to get past the previous bug).

	Memory leak fix for Numeric versions of _PyObject_FromArray

	Brian Leair's submitted versions of NEHE tutorials 13, 41-45 and 48


		Fix for yet more Togl building problems in modern Linux (Gentoo, Fedora Core)

		Avoid warning message if Togl is not set to build

	Added placeholder files for the directories used in building the
	documentation set.

	Use include and lib directories for compiling version-selector files,
	warn on failure to compile version selector.

	Support Python 2.4 distutils bdist_wininst, which now has the customisation
	point we need (and doesn't work with the old sub-class that produces the
				   customisation point for Python 2.3 and below)

	Print message to stderr on failure of a glu tessellation callback notifying
	the user of from where the traceback came. -->

	Backport of dev-2_1 Togl build fixes

	glMap1d/glMap1f fix for parameter reference in the typemap
	Added __init__.py to da demo.
	Fix for systems where a SWIG version > 1.3.13 is installed. -->

	Bug-fixes for a number of Feedback-Buffer crashes (courtesy
	of Andrew Lentvorski).
	Documentation rebuilt to show new version. -->

	3-character patch to the darwin.cfg file for OS-X to
	eliminate specification of "GLU" library (which is 
	covered by the -framework:OpenGL argument).
	Ben Decker's .cfg and config.h changes for the DJGPP/DOS
	build. -->

	Integration of the OS-X patches from Bob Ippolito and 
	Andrew Straw:
		* Change the layout of the packages so that there are 
		no two pyds in the package with the same name.  This
		should also benefit systems such as Py2exe and the 
		McMillan installer.
		* Make UnixCCompiler use ranlib on OS-X
		* Workaround for Apple's GLUT implementation changing 
		the current working directory on initialisation
		* Eliminates Unix-style linking parameters for OpenGL
		libraries in favour of -framework: link arguments (on
		OS-X only, of course)
	Andrew Straw's patch to provide somewhat more informative
	error messages when dynamically loaded modules are not
	Disabling of Togl building by default for Win32.  This
	is likely to become "disable Togl" for the next version
	of PyOpenGL unless some white knight steps up to save
	the (rather ugly) damsel.  Also added explicit code to
	check for Tk 8.4 and refuse to build Togl in that 
	situation (which causes crashes) even if the config 
	flag says to try.
	*.pdb added to the list of files excluded in the manifest
	Warning printf added when users try to load OpenGL 1.1
	array functions under OpenGL < 1.1 (if such users really
	Eliminated the use of a C++ idiom for initialising a 
	variable to the result of a function in the GLU module, 
	switched to the C idiom of declaring then calling. -->

	glutXXXFunc functions (callback registrations for 
	the current window) now raise RunTimeError if there 
	is no current window.Bug #711491
	GLE fixes to bugs introduced during switch to 
	swig 1.3.13 and not caught until now. Bug #663543.
 	Upshot is that GLE now works (it likely hasn't
	since 2.0.0) (MCF)
	Fix for unchecked selection-buffer index problem (MCF)
	Added sanity checks to tkScale method of the Tkinter 
	Opengl widget.  Now restricted to no more than a 
	thousand-fold delta on a single drag of the mouse. (MCF)
	Made failure of gluProject raise an error instead of 
	silently returning None (MCF)

		Changes to support building on Python 1.5.2.  (MCF)
		RPM-building fixes and tweaks. (MCF)
		More robust handling of wrong swig versions (RD)
		Eliminated obsolete sdist_fw command. (MCF)
		bdist_wininst renaming scheme added (windows 
		packages will indicate the version of Numeric Python
		against which they were compiled). (MCF)
		Added code to include stub libraries for Togl-1.6 (MCF)
		Documentation-generation updated to use modern
		versions of tools and/or replace tools with 
		still-available open-source ones where possible. (MCF)
		Moved user-manual sections of documentation out
		of the main reference text. (MCF)
		Moved extensions.htm to documentation directory (MCF)
		Split license out into a stand-alone html file. (MCF) -->

	Fix for multiple-simultaneous GLU-tessellators
	bug reported by Maciej, secondary fix for
	NURBS copy/paste errors. (MCF)

	Fix for missing image-saving functionality in
	conesave demonstration, also fixed inconsistent
	use of tabs/spaces. (MCF)

	Switch to TOGL 1.6, this is the current CVS
	version of the package, rather than a particular
	release. TOGL development is fairly slow,
	so waiting for a new release doesn't seem practical.
	This change should allow compilation with Tk 8.4
	(or any earlier version). Note that TOGL 1.5 is still
	included in case someone needs the earlier version
	for some reason.  Version 1.5 will probably be removed 
	during the next release cycle (i.e. ~2.0.2+) (MCF)

	texture_compression fixes (again), from a patch
	by Thomas Wouters. These appear to be simple
	copy and paste errors.  Hopefully this will be the
	last time this error needs to be fixed ;) . (RD)

	Added a version check for swig 1.3.13. This is
	likely to be revisited fairly soon, the fix
	simply avoids problems with incompatible versions,
	it doesn't try to do anything fancy. (RD) -->

	Fix for texture compression typo error (RD)

	Introduction of HPUX configuration file. (RD)

	Fix for double-free errors in GLU 
	Tesselator and Quadratic objects.
	(Similar to the fix in the previous alpha for the 
	NURB objects) (MCF) -> Changes:
	Bug Fixes:
		Eliminated GLUT_ALPHA bit from initialisers to allow GLUT
		demos to run on machines without support for ALPHA,
		particularly sunos5 (error report #498073)
		Eliminating SyntaxWarning under Python 2.2 for
		from x import * inside a function.  (Demo/tom/logo.py)
		Fixed bug #617949, also took opportunity to replace the
		attrocious indenting style (sometimes 2, sometimes 3,
		sometimes 4 spaces) with simple tab-only indentation.
		Fixed logic error for gluDeleteNurbsRenderer, basically,
		you wound up getting the delete method of the object
		called twice, once when gluDeleteNurbsRenderer was called,
		and another time when the object was actually deleted.
		Added a null function that is called instead of
		gluDeleteNurbsRenderer, so that only object deletion
		actually cleans up after the nurbs renderer, but code using
		gluDeleteNurbsRenderer will generally work.
		Switched use of glFog to glFogv, appears to be a minor API
		change in that old, loose code doesn't work any more :(
		One-line fix for [ 532670 ] bug in _glTexCoordPointer,
		tested with sample code given on the pygame list.
		Fix for reported error in Tk Raw OpenGL widget, plus a few
		try-finally catches to try to make things a little more
		Fixed typemap memory leak for byte, ubyte and short types
		(Very minor change, basically switched to using
		 PyInt_AsLong alone to get $input as an integer.
		 PyNumber_Int creates a new reference, so it would leak
		 memory, and the coercian is apparently done by
		 PyInt_AsLong anyway.)
		[ 561595 ] glGetDoublev memory leak  Fixed memory leak
		caused by use of PyArray_FromDimsAndData
		Fixed typo in GL/ARB/texture_compression.i

	SWIG 1.3.13 updates:
		There were a number of bugs introduced, then fixed, they
		aren't logged here, see cvs's log for details.

		Lots of changes all through the interface definitions
		Changed the pragma(python) code = ""entries to the new
		style shadow %{ %}way.
		Updated to use "%exception" instead of "%except" (which
		is now deprecated by the SWIG people). This doesn't
		actually allow compilation with SWIG 1.3.15u, but it
		does get rid of the bulk of the warning messages. GLE's
		module name still causes failures when compiled with
		Added an extra check for swig in build_w command.

	Build/packaging system:
		Added ..\include and ..\lib to the win32 config to have
		a place to put these that isn't going to require win32
		to be installed just to figure out the correct directory.
		Integrated Jack Jansen's Darwin/OS-X build patch
		(unconfirmed whether this is now working)
		Updated setup.py email to point to the sourceforge list,
		rather than the ancient yahoo one.
		Quieted a few warnings with explicit brackets around

		Added missing semicolon in WGL interface file, Got rid
		of duplicate typedef for WORD.
		glutSetWindow.3GLUT.xml docs return-value declaration fixed
		glGenLists.3G.xml Fixed return-value declaration
		(bug #637090)