1. Ronald Oussoren
  2. pyobjc


pyobjc / pyobjc-website / ReadMe.txt

This project will one day be used to replace the PyObjC website by something
new and shiny, but is pretty useless in its current state.


   python setup.py build
This will recreate the website in 'htdocs'. The website is a collection of 
static (html) files.

- Regenerate online examples from the source tree

- Update all examples to have a summary.txt (short description for 
  the lists of examples) and readme.txt (a longer description). The readme.txt
  is optional.
- (Examples) The summary should be extracted from the readme file
- (Examples) Somehow create an RSS feed with the most recent samples 
  (the last month, adding older examples so ensure there are at least 10
  samples in the feed)
- Use the current website to create better template files
  (WIP, a problem is that the current site sucks: it uses table-based layout)
- Home page and news
- RSS feed for news items
- Extract documentation for pyobjc-core and framework wrappers
- Download page
- The current L&F on pyobjc.sf.net sucks, find something better