pyobjc / pyobjc-framework-LaunchServices / Doc / api-notes-LaunchServices.txt

API Notes: LaunchServices framework

This file documents where functionality in the LaunchServices wrappers does
not match the behaviour that is described in Apple's documentation for
(Objective-)C code.  Any API not mentioned here should work correctly, using
the mapping described in PyObjC's documentation for pass-by-reference APIs.

.. note::

   The LaunchServices bindings are fairly new and are not yet fully complete,
   there are likely problems with these bindings that are not described in this

* ``LSSharedFileListSetAuthorization``

  Not supported at the moment because the Authorization framweork isn't properly 
  wrapped yet.

* ``LSLaunchFSRefSpec``, ``LSLaunchURLSpec``

  These types aren't supported in this version.

* ``LSOpenApplication``

  This function is not yet supported. The bridge itself isn't smart
  enough yet to process the first argument without a manual wrapper.

* ``LSOpenItemsWithRole``, ``LSOpenURLsWithRole``

  The ``inAEParam`` and ``inAppParams`` must be None.

* ``LSOpenFromRefSpec``, ``LSOpenFromURLSpec``

  This functions are not yet supported and need manual wrappers.