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Cocoa Package Manager


    The Package Manager infrastructure is currently unmaintained.  This
    example is not intended for actual use, but remains to show how such an
    application could be built.

This application is a Cocoa version of the Package Manager application that
is included with MacPython.

This is a first version of the application, using an unmodified ``pimp`` 
module, it does not implement the ideas described on the `NewPackageManager`__
page on the `MacPython wiki`_.

Features w.r.t. the official Package Manager:

- You can have a list of favorite databases

- The scroll-list doesn't scroll back automatically ;-)


This version requires the latest version of PyObjC (1.1b1) and Mac OS X 10.3.
Please let me know if it also works on OSX 10.2.

Run ``python py2app`` to create the application.


- Auto-update the status, this mostly works at the moment.
- Testing!
- Implement help menu
- A --semi-standalone version cannot detect if the system contains PyObjC,
  should run detection code in a seperate process. 

In the further future the pimp should be replaced by something better, see
the `MacPython wiki`_ for more information.

.. _`MacPython wiki`: