1. Ronald Oussoren
  2. pyobjc


pyobjc / pyobjc-core / Modules / objc / method-signature.h

 * @header    method-signature.h
 * @abstract  A subset of NSMethodSignature, in C
 * @discussion
 * 	This module defines a C implementation of a subset of NSMethodSignature,
 * 	specifically the part of NSMethodSignature that is usefull for the
 * 	bridge.
 *	Implemented because NSMethodSignature has a private constructor and
 *	because this interface is easier to use.
 *	TODO: Check if we don't use NSMethodSignatures where we should use
 *	this type.
#include "pyobjc.h"

extern PyTypeObject PyObjCMethodSignature_Type;
#define PyObjCMethodSignature_Check(obj) PyObject_TypeCheck(obj, &PyObjCMethodSignature_Type)

enum _PyObjC_PointerType {
	PyObjC_kPointerPlain = 0,
	PyObjC_kNullTerminatedArray = 1,
	PyObjC_kArrayCountInArg = 2,
	PyObjC_kFixedLengthArray = 3,
	PyObjC_kVariableLengthArray = 4, 

typedef struct _PyObjCMethodSignature PyObjCMethodSignature;

struct _PyObjC_ArgDescr {
	/* If typeOverride the type field should be freed when the descriptor
	 * is cleaned up, otherwise is isn't owned by this descriptor.
	const char*     type;
	PyObjCMethodSignature* callable;

	enum _PyObjC_PointerType        ptrType;
	int16_t         arrayArg;
	int16_t         arrayArgOut;
	const char*	sel_type;
	BOOL            allowNULL:1;
	BOOL            typeOverride:1;
	BOOL		arraySizeInRetval:1;
	BOOL		printfFormat:1;
	BOOL 		alreadyRetained:1;
	BOOL 		alreadyCFRetained:1;
	BOOL		callableRetained:1; /* False iff the closure can be cleaned up after the call */

struct _PyObjCMethodSignature {

	const char* signature;
	int  arrayArg;
	BOOL variadic:1;
	BOOL null_terminated_array:1;
	BOOL		free_result:1;
	PyObject*   suggestion;
	struct _PyObjC_ArgDescr rettype;
	struct _PyObjC_ArgDescr argtype[1];

extern PyObjCMethodSignature* PyObjCMethodSignature_WithMetaData(const char* signature, PyObject* metadata, BOOL is_native);

extern PyObjCMethodSignature* PyObjCMethodSignature_ForSelector(
	Class cls, BOOL isClassMethod, SEL sel, const char* signature, BOOL is_native);

extern char*
	NSMethodSignature* sig, char* buf, size_t buflen);

extern int
PyObjC_registerMetaData(PyObject*, PyObject*, PyObject*);

extern PyObject* 
PyObjCMethodSignature_AsDict(PyObjCMethodSignature* methinfo);

static inline PyObjCMethodSignature* PyObjCMethodSignature_FromSignature(
		const char* sig, BOOL is_native)
	return PyObjCMethodSignature_WithMetaData(sig, NULL, is_native);