pyobjc / pyobjc / Examples / 00ReadMe.txt

This directory contains a number of examples for using the pyobjc module.

A number of simple scripts that demo the core module.
  Create a subclass of an objective-C class

  Likewise, but call super-class implementation of a method

  Use a NS*Dictionary object.

And a number of Cocoa applications. These use the 'AppKit' package.

- CurrencyConverter
  A simple NIB based application

- TableModel
  Shows how to use a NSTableView

- TableModel2
  Same as TableModel but built as a standard Cocoa Project Builder project.

- Web Services Tool
  Another Project Builder Cocoa project.  Quiries an XML-RPC enabled web
  server for the methods that it implements.

- Todo
  A more complex NIB based applications. This is a document-based application.
  The code is a translation into pyton of an example project in 
  'Learning Cocoa' from O'Reilly