pyobjc / pyobjc / FIXME

* [ronald] OC_PythonObject.m contains cruft from the initial experimentations.

* [ronald] causes a crash in pyobjc (Try running TableModel in

* [ronald] Check all compiler warnings on MacOS X

* [ronald] Restructure header files in Modules/objc

* [ronald] Contents MANIFEST is no longer valid
  [bbum] Anyway to move to a and have most of MANIFEST be
  autogenerated?  It is a nightmare to maintain, as is.

* [ronald] NSAutoreleasePool raises an exception when you use
  'retain'. NSInvocation    calls 'retain' on the receiver (at least in
  the way we use it...)

  Luckily users normally don't have to create an autorelease pool.

  [bbum] Not true.  Anyone using PyObjC to build shell script like
  functionality will need to   create an autorelease pool at the
  beginning of the script to avoid lots of warnings about leaking

* [ronald] pyobjc-0.6.1 and earlier contain some code that is questionable in
  newer releases of Python. Need to check if all code, and repair where 

FIXME_1: In pythonify_c_value() there is the conversion a returned
	 NSString to a PyStringObject. How can we deal with NSString
	 class cluster? Should it maybe check for -cString and -length?  
  [Ronald: One possible fix is to not translate at all, but require an explicit
    conversion. Need to look into the consequences of this. Either way we
    need to look into Unicode support. ]

* support -release and -autorelease invocations from within Python by setting the reference to the encapsulated ObJC object in the ObjCObject structure to nil (and passing through the release/autorelease).   This is not as trivial as it sounds;  a method invocation involves two mechanisms.  First, the getattr() function is called on ObjCObject to retrieve an ObjCMethod representing the method to be invoked.  The ObjCMethod structure contains a reference to the ObjC object in an NSInvocation, but does not contain a reference to the ObjCObject structure that would be required-- adding this appears to be a case of figuring out what is up with Python reference counting.
  [Ronald: Is this needed? The python wrapper adds an additional reference to
   objects, the release/retain code should only be used to compensate for
   objective-C code. It might be usefull to bug-out when the retainCount falls
   to 0, which would be a bug]

* fix multithreading support in the method dispatch mechanisms.  In particular, I believe [but didn't dig] that the argument decoding/encoding stuff is not thread safe in that it uses static variables?
  [Ronald: the argument_arena code is not thread-safe, and there are some
   static buffers lurking in other parts of the code. The arguments_arena
   code should no longer be necessary (and it is normally not compiled)]

* add support for proper sequence and dictionary based manipulation of ObjC objects via the standard python mechanisms
  [Ronald: Done, but mechanism is not 100% to my liking]

* rip off various "intra-language interface friendly" API and code from Mssh: MultiScript Shell -- see   (Before anyone gets offended by "rip off", I wrote Mssh and I'm writing this comment and, as such, I'm "ripping off" my own code!.  <>)
  [Might still be usefull, didn't look into this]

* fix BUGS

* rip out all code using 'alloca'. This function is marked depricated on most
  platforms, and seems to confuse debuggers.