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The PyObjC package provides the glue needed to interface the Python
interpreter with the Objective-C language. The 'objc' module makes Objective-C
objects and classes available as first-class Python citizens, it is not only
possible to use Objective-C objects but you can also subclass Objective-C 

The package maintainers currently only work on supporting MacOS X, the GNU
runtime and GnuStep are not supported at the moment (patches to change that 
are welcome).

The python situation on MacOS X is a bit vague at the moment, PyObjC is known
to work using the following versions of python:
- Fink's python 2.2 
  Building GUI applications requires some manual work, mostly because I
  (ronald) primary use a private build of a development snapshot of Python 2.3
- Python 2.3 (from CVS)
  If you use a framework build it is easy to build python based standalone 
  GUI applications (see Examples/iClass).
- Apple's python 2.2 on 10.2
  Same issues as Finks's python 2.2. 


Steve Majewski <sdm7g@minsky.med.virginia.edu> picked up Lele's work
in early November, 2000 and revived an otherwise stagnant project.

Steve and I have since collaborated-- working out several kinks in
building the module on OSX,OSX Server under with Python 2.0.

This is, by no means, a work that is anywhere near complete!

There will be a SourceForge process as soon as possible.  Until then,
send me-- bbum@codefab.com-- email to find the latest statest and be
added to a mailing list if SourceForge doesn't come through soon.



Original README:

The ObjC package provides the glue needed to interface the Python
interpreter with the Objective-C language.

My effort went in two direction: first of all, let the user use a
syntax similar to the Objective-C native one: x.alloc().init() is
the Python way of doing [[x alloc] init]; secondly, the module should
support the GNU Objective-C runtime as well as the NeXTSTEP one.
The first is there, the second... almost: it needs to be tested,
since my current situation does not let me try it.

The current implementation has bugs, the major of them in the handling
of methods returning big structures by value. See BUGS.

Wanna cooperate? Starts from FIXME.

You can find visible user changes in NEWS For more
details, consult ChangeLog. 

For build instructions, read INSTALL. It contains instruction
to build the manual section too.

The package comes with some examples/demos: you can find them in the
Demo/ directory.

I should say "Grazie" to many persons that made this possible, but to
some in particular:

Guido van Rossum <guido@CNRI.Reston.VA.US>:
        Long list of motivation omitted ;-)

Thomas Breuel <tmb@best.com>:
        He first inspired me with good ideas.

Ted Horst <ted_horst@il.us.swissbank.com>:
        His own ObjC module and kind comments helped me a lot.

Bill Bumgarner <bbum@friday.com>:
        He contribuited the standalone packaging setup, good comments and
        his own implementation of the Streams and Pasteboards support. He
        maintains also several Python-related packages for NeXTSTEP: see

and of course to the entire ObjC-SIG community.

Copyright (C) 1996,97,98 by Lele Gaifax <lele@seldati.it>