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"DatePicker" is a Cocoa sample application that demonstrates how to use 
``NSDatePicker`` control on Mac OS X.  ``NSDatePicker`` is a subclass of 
``NSControl`` that provides for visually displaying and editing an 
``NSDate`` instance.

This control uses an ``NSDatePickerCell`` to implement much of the 
control’s functionality.

About the Sample

DatePicker shows how to manipulate the behaviors of ``lNSDatePicker`` in the 
following ways

1. Changing the picker style.

2. Changing the picker font size.

3. Changing the background/text color as well as other appearance aspects.

4. Turning on and off the various date and time element flags.

5. Setting the minimum and maximum dates.

6. Overriding the set date as a delegate.

The sample also shows how to use the various date and time formats using the 
``NSDateFormatter`` class.