pyobjc / Lib / objc /

The branch 'pyobjc-ancient' does not exist.
import _objc

__all__ = ['protocolNamed', 'ProtocolError']

class ProtocolError(_objc.error):
    __module__ = 'objc'

def protocolNamed(name):
    Returns a Protocol object for the named protocol. This is the
    equivalent of @protocol(name) in Objective-C.
    Raises objc.ProtocolError when the protocol does not exist.
    name = unicode(name)
        return PROTOCOL_CACHE[name]
    except KeyError:
    for cls in _objc.getClassList():
        for p in _objc.protocolsForClass(cls):
            pname =
            PROTOCOL_CACHE.setdefault(pname, p)
            if pname == name:
                return p
    raise ProtocolError("protocol %r does not exist" % (name,), name)
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