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Added setup handler.

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               <a class="btn" href="/dump">Dump</a>
               <a class="btn" href="/cleanup">Cleanup</a>
               <a class="btn" href="/kaboom">Kaboom</a>
+              <a class="btn" href="/setup">Setup</a>
   login: admin
+- url: /setup
+  login: admin
+  script:
 - url: /dump
   login: admin
   - name: mode
   - name: name
   - name: position
-- kind: EntryPoint
-  properties:
-  - name: last_updated
-    direction: desc
+class SetupHandler(webapp.RequestHandler):
+  def get(self):
+    access = acl.Access(mode='role', name='user', class_name='MirrorHandler', action_name='get', flag=True)
+    access.put()
+    self.response.headers['content-type'] = 'text/plain'
+    self.response.out.write('user role added.')
 class DumpHandler(webapp.RequestHandler):
   def get(self):
     self.response.headers['content-type'] = 'text/plain'
   (r"/main", HomeHandler),
   (r"/kaboom", KaboomHandler),
   (r"/admin", AdminHandler),
+  (r"/setup", SetupHandler),
   (r"/dump", DumpHandler),
   (r"/cleanup", CleanupHandler),
   (r"/([^/]+).*", MirrorHandler)
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