Ronan Amicel committed 52093db

Fix build on Mac OS X

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 import sys, os, os.path, re, shutil
+import platform
 import subprocess
 from setuptools import setup
                                 os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "src", "gurl", name))
 elif == "posix":
     source_files += [os.path.join(GOOGLE_URL_HOME, 'base', '')]
-    libraries += ["boost_python", "boost_system", "boost_filesystem", "rt", "icuuc", "icui18n"]
+    if sys.platform == "darwin":
+        libraries += ["boost_python-mt", "boost_system-mt", "boost_filesystem-mt", "icuuc", "icui18n"]
+        if platform.architecture()[0] == '64bit':
+            os.environ['ARCHFLAGS'] = '-arch x86_64'
+        else:
+            os.environ['ARCHFLAGS'] = '-arch i386'
+    else:
+        libraries += ["boost_python", "boost_system", "boost_filesystem", "rt", "icuuc", "icui18n"]
     include_dirs = [GOOGLE_URL_HOME,
                     os.path.join(GOOGLE_URL_HOME, '..')]
     library_dirs = [os.path.join(GOOGLE_URL_HOME, 'src'),
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