Author Commit Message Date Builds
Ronan Amicel
Fix build on Mac OS X
Ronan Amicel
Add missing include
make Python 2.5 happy
remove the C++ implementation of domain property make Python 2.5 happy link ICU with static mode
domain property return None for the invalid hostname support to parse domain ends with '.'
support to checkout/update, patch and build googleurl
add icudt*.dll to dist package
add the SVN diff patch
update to v0.4
direct use object() instead of Py_None
only compile string16.cpp on Linux
add fake logging for Linux
add ICU library for Linux
automatic convert wchar_t to UChar on Linux
add SConstruct for linux google-url building
use environment variable instead of subfolder for 3rd party libraries
make Linux x64 and GCC happy
upgrade to 0.3
add manifest for .h and .dat files
automatic find the data file base on sys.path
support to get 2nd level domain name of url
add CUrl and CUrlBuilder to build script
upgrade to 0.2 for CUrlBuilder
add CUrlBuilder for URL modification
move CUrl class to Url.cpp
add setup script base on setuptools
rename the wrapper class to CUrl
add host, origin, hostisip and request properties
add operators
add spec method with raw mode add isstandard property add schemeis method
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