ronolinux - my custom debian builds

This project contains a set of small, simple custom Debian builds. Those builds are pure Debian Software, and this is not a custom derivative of Debian: just a package selection that suits my needs and that I would like to share with others.


You can download the files from SourceForge, on a mirror closer to you:

Download ronolinux

Those files are pre-built images using the standard Debian mirrors, and you can use them as normal for installing more software after you use the instalation media. They are also standard live media so you can run them from your USB stick or ISO (CD/DVD). See this link for more details on the Live Manual

How to build your own

The script buildd will try to build the images locally, configuring the package approx. You need to install the dependencies in your machine:

apt-get install live-build approx

And then, run the scripts under tools directory:


The buildd will run a clean build using sudo, so you may need to run this script with a user that is in the group sudo.


The project is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2.0 or later.